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Here’s a track you might want to lay your ears to and listen very carefully. Raelle is a British singer-songwriter from South East London that casually boasts a voice that is out of this world. Deep, lustful, and overall unique. She’s very early in a career at the age of twenty-one but has quite the curriculum in performance. Having played at multiple jazz clubs around the English capital, Manchester as well as a slot at the Caribbean Independence Festival.

Listen to “Purple Skies” by Raelle:

Raelle drops the aptly titled “Purple Skies” today, a bossa nova-inspired track that touches upon overcoming your fears and the good that lies once you take the leap to jump over that perilous canyon. With clear inspirations from Aretha Franklin for the songwriting to her skill in Jazz for the performance part. “Purple Skies” is a standout track released today via the trusted Dummymag‘s DMY Artists, the new record label Raelle recently signed to. Dive deeper into her back catalog too and discover your own jams amongst a slew of other notable tracks (we recommend you check our other faves in the PASSPORT section below, especially brilliant track featuring André Jahnoi titled “Wait For You”).

Keep a very close eye on Raelle, she’s getting pretty impressive traction and should be a mainstay (top entry) in your various chilled playlists out there.

Raelle - Purple Skies - Sodwee.com

“Purple Skies”
by Raelle


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