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It’s a landslide of new music to listen to this week. It never stops surprising me how artists pop out of nowhere and just blossom like that, with a click of a finger. It’s back to school week here in France, like everywhere else basically, and the amount of material/emails I have to go through everyday is just huge. I make a point to listen to everything I receive, and make it a obligation to listen to stuff twice, even three times before it ends up on sodwee.com.

That’s exactly what I’ve done for Oyinda. Her name popped on my radar just 2 days ago (thanks to HumanHuman) and didn’t strike a hit at first, not until everyone swarmed to comment and agree on this new talent raised in London, now living the roller-coaster that is New York. She’s got Nigerian origins and looks very young. Do not be fooled, she’s already put out two outstanding tracks, debuting her career with “Rush Of You” and continuing, even topping the odds with “What Still Remains”. A true beauty. She performed at Lollapalooza earlier this year to great acclaim.

Keep a very, very close eye to her every move. Oyinda is about to take over. The same way LORDE did last year.

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