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Was crawling the fantastic Tumblr Thomas maintains on new exciting music you can download for free amongst other things, and happily stumbled across this seapunk / vaporwave / chillwave  tunes. Young producer Blank Banshee , from Canada (here’s a trend, is this genre only coming from there ?) produces stellar glitchy-esque music only fit for the future. A little like The-Drums we already discussed a while back… This guy is making awesome sounding arrangements with his laptop. Not to mention some of our previously Introduced bands follow his work, name dropping Mirror Kisses for instance… He’s bound to make a big move soon. I can feel it coming his way. Stay tuned. We’ve selected a few of our favorite tracks to stream/download, but you can still get the entire collection over at his Bandcamp profile (Name Your Price, link further down)… Enjoy ! We would recommend “Wavestep” and “Teen Pregnancy”, but the whole discography would suit any substance-filled party ender with extra strobes or blinding light show for good measure :

Download : Blank Banshee – Wavestep  Download : Blank Banshee – Photosynthesis  Download : Blank Banshee – Teen Pregnancy  Download : Blank Banshee – Purity Boys 

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