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There’s a certain sound wafting from this new track by Hot Jam Factory that reminds me of 80s French new wave (a little bit of Indochine if I want to be more precise). The guitars here are the definite hook. Along with the melody that carries you throughout this track clocking in at a short 2:45.

This two-piece band was formed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania by Jordan Trevino and Sean Saman. Creating cinematic, emotionally-driven songs with unexpected twists. They like to travel with a full band of friends for live shows. Joined here and there by talented musicians and vocalists like Margaret Gehman to bring to life an experience. They dub their sound as art-rock but can easily crossover either way into post-punk, surf rock, or indie pop.

Listen to “Back Here Again” by Hot Jam Factory

Hot Jam Factory has been putting out music for quite some time now as their Bandcamp profile suggests. Releasing a string of stand-alone tracks and EPs over the years. “Back Here Again” is the band’s first release this year. The song is from the band’s upcoming album “Late Night Social”, releasing later this year.

“Back Here Again” is the kind of song you instinctively tend to play when you’re driving to nowhere, when one street-lamp after the other, the drive becomes a blur, “I always knew I’d be back here again”. When you finally step out of the car after your nightly drive and you haven’t achieved much, however, you still feel a little satisfied with what you’ve done or seen at that moment in time.


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