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On our radar since SPOT festival and his interview with Conor last May, Emil Wilk a.k.a. M.I.L.K. has been a playlist staple countless times here at Sodwee.com HQ. We were ecstatic when we learnt he’d be releasing another single signaling the imminent release of his forthcoming EP due out later on this year, as promised.

The single, “U And Me” channels groove legends Curtis Mayfield and Shuggie Otis, alongside modern day contemporaries Jungle and Leisure. The track embodies M.I.L.K.’s signature sound and delivers another dance-prone number to which you’ll be definitely applying a few fancy footwork moves next time you spin it at a party or when you commute to work on a bright crispy cold October morning…


Check out Conor’s ITW with Emil Wilk aka M.I.L.K. :

ITW – Emil from M.I.L.K. | Conor sat down with M.I.L.K. for a chat at SPOT Festival in Aarhus (Denmark)

Emil Wilk explains :

With this track, I wanted to explore something a bit more danceable. Not like dancefloor-explodor-danceable, but just something to soundtrack the stage of the party just before everyone starts dancing. So more like an ‘Oops Upside Your Head’ [The Gap Band] with lots of good times and head nodding than full on dance like ‘Rock With You’ [Michael Jackson].

Check out “U And Me” to be released Friday, September 16 via 0E0E.

[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”Previously shared track from M.I.L.K.”]

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