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“The best way to predict future is to create it yourself”

Quite a statement for a label birthed only last year. forecast is already making a name for itself in and around France (Paris & Lyon mainly). Its quality driven roster of artists speaks for itself. Sodwee went to meet the new shapers/forecasters (too easy) of the electronic scene. A real dose of Street-Cred here dudes, dudettes. So much so that I can proudly announce that we are officially partners. SODWEE.COM IS ALL IN.

forecast is a non-conventional music label. Actually, let me rectify that. It’s a “Discovery Agency” and a rather prolific artist incubator based out of Lyon and Paris, with great hopes for more French locations in the near future. Olivier, Artistic Director is not unknown in the music industry, having previously worked with the likes of Staff Benda Bilili, SomethingALaMode, amongst quite a bunch of other big names. He and his branch of forecast are based in the French capital, along with Johan (Sir S’Qui). Both were kind enough to take on their free time to have an informal chat and here is what I gathered when I cleared my mental notes from the non-pasteurized dark (Guinness Like) beer I used to brew, sell, cross-sell, up-sell and finally discard in whichever form you see fit.

Not only that, this bunch is made of pretty creative minds at work. We’ll have more time to talk about their panel in more detail but one thing is for sure, they want to get people involved. So they’ve decided to drive a crowd-funded project called “on n’est pas là pour jouer aux billes #1“. The first I have seen in the industry so far (and hopefully not the last one), I bet you’re interested, become an angel investor today and just freely pump some serious Street-Credibility into your system :

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forecast is not your ordinary label. Plenty of ambition, dedication and a flurry of great artists from different fields, whether it be music, photography, or sculpture, the Forecast team is staffed with acutely tuned individuals set to take over the scene and remain at the top. What they really like to do above all – as I’ve understood – is to put together events blending in producers/DJ’s, illustrators, photographers and sculptors alike to offer a tasteful (all-senses required) package in a different yet approachable way to the public, most often they’ll take the time to get the artists to work together on a given project. And that’s partly why we were so impressed when they presented their direction and the work they produce, check out the artists they already have on their roster below :



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