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As 2015 slowly fades out to black, our minds carefully brushing the dust of last year’s shoulder. Remembering the good times. Putting the love into what we actually love doing the most : write about the new sprouts out there. The ones quietly shifting this music industry upside down. These same ones that aren’t the usual fame-whoring brats we’re used to see popping here and there. Those in fact, that are so quiet you’d hardly miss and wouldn’t blink an eye-lid if it wasn’t for our beloved Soundcloud platform. Those driven solely on “making great music” and sharing the results online with the rest of us.

Well today, we’ve got one of them waiting to unleash the spacial lushness of his world into your earholes. The guy hails from East London, in the United Kingdom,has a Sound Recording degree and has a soft corner for cinematic, drama filled instrumentals and layered dollops of awesome sounds, guitars and the precise nailing of everything in between : Cue Toby Warren. Upon listening to a fellow brit who roams the isle by the good name fo AJIMAL and whom we had already very positive words to write a few months back. Soundcloud’s algorhythm thought it was a good day for us and after listening to the aforementioned artist and Tsar B in a row, finally picked up and served the brilliant “Electric Kernels” on a golden plate for us… His influences are drawn from Jon Hopkins, Aebeloe, Evenings to name just a few.

This track is simmers to a point where things around you don’t matter no more. You know the feeling. Like your mother, for instance, hoovering in the same room you just slo happen to be stacking a couple ZZZZ in. Don’t you love that feeling. Well it is supposedly called “The White Noise Effect” something we get used to whilst still in the womb of our mothers. Something personal to each individual, which is the result of how much hoovering your mother could have done in her pregnancy?! Anyway. You’ll absolutely love these sounds we have here for you today :

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