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Most days, rainy days are a nuisance. The heavy grey and cold skies derails moods, and here in San Francisco, mountains have become faded horizons. But couple that view with Seramic‘s gospel-like song “People Say” and the entire gloomy atmosphere changes from irritation to awe. The transition is instantaneous. Like salt, “People Say” is the small detail in your day that turns melancholy into soft tranquility. Outside, it’s not ‘just rain,’ it’s a mist that gives life for future greenery, as water is meant to do.

If you’re a fan of Leon Bridges, Sam Henshaw and the rush of emotions from powerful choir, Seramic‘s “People Say” is for you. No matter where you are (physically and mentally). Alone in an unlit room? In a bright coffee shop with strangers? “People Say” will sway you out of isolation and right into a bed of peace.

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