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Okay, not quite a full fledged #2014 Best Of, not quite a full fledged top chart of the bestest artists. However, we figured we’d let you know what we think was in store for the next year. Artists, we absolutely believe in at this point in time.

It’s our version of BBC’s infamous Sound Of 2015 if you’d like. But with our little french approach/touch… A pick’n’mix kind of list. A few names, a few tracks, a few mixtape is all we need to find that spark we’re always on the lookout for.

I had mentally drafted a list of artists to look out for in the coming year, artist who we think will make a big break, just like we did last year, the results speak for themselves. They’ve been selling millions of albums, signed multi-million dollar deals with majors and so on. What a year 2014 it’s been ! High in musical dollops of course. But what will you hear next year ? Get in gear with Sodwee’s forecast of artists to break in 2015

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much. Really, one line in a stream of lyrics can make or brake for us. So without further blabble. Here’s our non exhaustive list and in no particular order… Enjoy ! React in the comment section and tell us if you agree/disagree/ or you think we missed someone out ??

[title maintitle=”Future Sound #2015″ subtitle=”Glowing now. Shining Tomorrow. Huge Next Year.”]

  1. Cliché
  2. Leon Bridges
  3. Speelburg
  4. Palace
  5. Aquilo
  6. Turtle
  7. Shamir
  8. De La Jolie Musique
  9. Lapsley
  10. Empress Of
  11. Made In Heights
  12. Jeremie Whistler
  13. Tobias jesso Jr.
  14. Ibeyi
  15. Pink Gloves
  16. Formation
  17. LANY
  18. Raury
  19. Oyinda
  20. JUCE
  21. Raye
  22. Wyles & Simpson
  23. Ibibio Sound Machine
  24. Client Liaison
  25. Fictonian

Future Sound #2015


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