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We don’t usually get to post american artists that much, not because we don’t want to, but it seems they have made the rounds in their native country a lot before crossing the pond and convert more fans to their music. However this time, we HAVE TO. Raury, dubs himself “Indigo Child”. Which is, by the way, the name of the forthcoming debut project he’s baking at the moment to release later this year. We were hooked from the start. That’s why we decided to feature his work here on Sodwee.com to prepare the french audience of music lovers (yep! That’ll be you, Dear).

We are Indigos (Savior, Savior)
Living Lives we chose (Savior, Savior)
Show you’re brave
Those will fade (Savior, Savior)
On a mission led by intuition
You should listen because

Raury has just turned seventeen, hails from Atlanta, Georgia and blends psychedelic rock/indie and folk with a paced, alternative vocal work to boot the already heavily bass driven, deep south influenced music out of Atlanta, akin to Andre 3000, T.I., 2 Chainz, and B.o.B. The perfect different route we’ve been waiting for really. The kid is representative of this day and age youth or Generation Y-Z (post 1990’s) that is maturing as they hit their tweens. He is currently buzzing and the tidal wave is about to hit the shores of Europe and it’s stricken economy and angry teens.

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This project speaks from the perspective of young kids today. It’s very inspirational and to the people that listen to it, it’ll make them want to go and find what they love and use that shit to take over the world.

Raury on “Gods whisper” :

When they see a person like me, who doesn’t give a fuck, following through the school system, they look down upon me. They think I’m nothing. But they have something coming because I hear God’s whisper. That means, my intuition, my natural calling in life is what God’s whisper is. When I say, ‘I am the savior,’ I’m spreading that message to others. You have that whisper to you. You have your intuition. You have your own natural calling that you have to trust and follow.

His first live appearance on his ANTI-TOUR went down 4 days ago, right in front of a packed Tyler, the Creator show prompting local police to cut it short. More dates to come… Follow him on Facebook…

Head on, and play the hits “Bloom” & “God’s Whisper”. You could also watch the video above and while you’re at it, make sure you follow his social profiles for the latest touring dates, news and general dopeness that he comes up with in his next release of 8-10 track EP. MacMiller is already on the case. Both have had a promising Twitter discussion that ended as proper direct messages. So expect both have got some work lined up in the near future…

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