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Summer’s here and in with that warm breeze trails that desire for a fleeting love. A kind of love that makes you look back into your memories and recall each moment like you’re floating through a kaleidoscope. Temporary, but fun. Harmless but more importantly understood for what it is.

Even if you’ve never thought about having a summer fling, Transviolet‘s “LA LOVE” is going to make you want one.It’s like a vacation in your ears for 3 beautiful minutes. This track will drown you in the easy-going vibes of L.A. beaches. As light-hearted and dance-y as the song is, Transviolet hasn’t lost their underlying touch of realism. The real gem is in the lyrics.Each line lets us peek into the tiniest fantasies. And then with the upbeat production, the whole song makes us feel like we’re part of the strange stories Sarah McTaggart‘s angelic yet edgy voice narrating sings about.  Listen to “LA LOVE” below:

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