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There’s something about those slow songs… the ones that so delicately hide a wealth of emotion under the veil of docile acoustic guitar chords and airy melodies. With “So Close”, Irish-born and L.A. based singer-songwriter Mama Ghost delivers a piece of this type of hushed, wintery acoustic-folk that is as powerful as it is soothing – throwing life into slow motion for the few minutes it flows through your speakers.

Patient hearts are waiting up to lose control
I knew when you touched me, I’d never let you go

Some tracks just sound like they’re trying to give you goosebumps, and a rare few do so in such a way that they actually succeed, rather than triggering an eye-roll. Mama Ghost just seems to have an innate knack for this kind of thing, with a voice that wearily cuts through space and demands a share of somber attention, and a lyrical style that verges on outright poetry. From the blustery story-telling in the verses of “So Close”, to the strikingly simple, eponymous refrain of the chorus, this is a piece that proves a genuine connection between artist and listener is infinitely more valuable than sonic frills.

Having just released her debut EP – also called “So Close” – under California record label Northern Streams, Mama Ghost is only getting started. It seems that fewer and fewer musicians are able to make this kind of impact with only a guitar and a story; so, let yourself get a little emotional over what’s playing in that SoundCloud window, let the shit that’s been bothering you all day dissipate for three and a half minutes, and let “So Close” help.

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