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If there’s beauty in chaos, then twenty-something-year-old Leeds artist, Krrum, has found the heart of it. His “Evil Twin” EP is already one of the most fascinating listens of 2016. Each song is a bit like dancing through a candy factory, each breath is a scoop of colorful, assorted goodness. Whether you’re into dance tunes, raw vocals, or beat drops, Krrum‘s got something for your sweet tooth to latch onto.

Krrum‘s music is really in a league of its own, but if you’re fans of Jack Garrett, Jai Paul and Chet Faker, then you’ll love this edgy-pop style. From “Morphine” to “Blessing in a Black Dress,” this isn’t just music to dance to. It’s vivid, almost tangible, like every tiny inch of this world is seeping into our pores. Like we’re in a retro video game, touching colors and sounds. Unsure which song to start off with? Well, the female vocals in “Evil Twin” is reminiscent of Kiesza, or listen to his newest single, “Hard On You.”

It wasn’t until today we got a chance to watch the “Hard On You” music video, and — oh-our-days — if his musical talent hasn’t clued you into taking this man seriously, then this music video will. Instead of opting for a cinematic style, Krrum joins forces with 37 adventures to create an animated music video that’s just as entrancing as his eclectic beats. The music video for “Hard on You” is such a Renaissance masterpiece that we’d sincerely be sad if it wasn’t projected during Krrum‘s live shows. Watch the beauty below.

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