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It’s a special edition playlist today. Yeah, I’ve named it legacy in an attempt to illustrate how far we’ve come up until today. Close enough to Sundaze  n°100 and because we’re currently helping Paul with his flat move on this beautiful Sunday, we’re having the day off ! This is a playlist of many cool tracks with a little interlude at the second. You will most probably recognize the conversation. In the meantime, make yourselves at home, listen, stream, download individually or in bulk via the ZIP Archive we’ve got for you today. We would like to thank Paul Grelet again for all the work he produces. GO ahead and hit that play button for SUNDAZE #89 :

Also extending our immense gratitude towards the working machine that is Paul Grelet for keeping up with the amazing output, he’s a busy dude these days, so we appreciate his consistency and goes without saying : his genuine brilliance… Visit his portfolio right here to check out his work and enjoy your day, wherever you might be…

Sundaze #89

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