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Sometimes, word of mouth is the only way to discover true little diamonds. If it wasn’t for a friend of mine, Gilles, I most probably would have missed this young band from Lyon, in France. Alexis and The Brainbow rock out some real quality tunes that recall Two Door Cinema Club for the voice and BRETON for the production assets they deliver.

Alexis and The Brainbow have enrolled in multiple “battle of the bands” over the past couple of year, won the Pression Live 2014 and are currently touring extensively across the entire country. Discovering them was a blessing in this rather poor week for music. It seems Fashion Week Paris and Kanye West’s impromptu 4 show string at Louis Vuitton Foundation here in Paris is the only talk of the moment. To my despair.

Alexis Delekta was born far, far away in a country where unicorns and pink clouds live. His ideas are pretty standard compared to those of any other chap in his native country. But once he lost himself close to The Brainbow, a weird mass of liquid floating on the air without any goal. Something happened – humans now call it the Big Bang

Listen to two tracks from their EP ‘A Young Gun’ with the title track being our favorite (listen above). That said, the rest of the EP is a no brainer, it’s a winner. Expect more from the band very soon and also get ready for a tidal wave on their behalf …

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