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Here’s a track fit for purpose. A track that will resonate with the times and a track that you’ll gladly play in the morning. Waking up to this tune will make you feel better. From Madison, WI. Let us introduce you to Unusual Demont and his newest offering titled “Amber”.

Those are a few pithy lines I wrote and published on September 24th of 2020. When Unusual Demont was on the brink of breaking in popular retail stores across the US (think H&M, Urban Outfitters, and any other highly regarded outlets that pride themselves with a decent playlist of current tracks), as well as topping taste-makers’ music blogs around the world for his highly catchy jam “Amber”.

That was 2020. Fast-forward to 2021, 2nd of February, and here is the Madison, Wisconsin native world premiering his second single “Pine” on Zane Lowe’s absolute sanctuary of a show on Beats1 radio. Kind of far-fetched of a promotional feat but, hey. You never WIN, if you never TRY and kudos to his small but effective team in the background making things possible…

Listen to “Pine” by Unusual Demont here:

Each track will focus around past relationships and a special color assigned to each. Amber (Orangey), Pine (Dark Green) … You get the gist. Unusual Demont promises a whole array of emotions and interesting visuals in the coming months. Keep your eyes/ears peeled folks.

“Pine” is the second single out today (February 2nd, 2021) from Unusual Demont’s forthcoming EP “Hues” via his label Unusual Productions. Release TBA.


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