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Surfaced by almighty blogger & sound digger Nicolas (who happens to run Camel & Lions) we introducde to you, relatively welcoming, fair and adoring French citizens the goodness and simple awesomeness that is the whole album ‘Body Pressure’ from German outfit PTTRNS.

PTTRNS are Benjamin Riedl, Daniel Mertens and Patrick Hohlweck. They got together to play tunes in the summer of 2006, when Daniel returned from a 10 month hot air balloon tour of the UK, while Benjamin and Patrick where living together in a mouldy house in Cologne. The three of them had met through shows they had set up for each other’s respective former bands, and shared a common enthusiasm for American Fighter with Michael Dudikoff and improvisational dance.

PTTRNS play angular and rhythmic punk rock songs, which are sung by all. Their first releases were a quickly sold out self titled cassette on their own Ursa Minor Musik label, as well as their vinyl debut; seven inches of plastic, possibly partly about people they adore, called ‘People I Adore’, on UMM and Altin Village & Mine.

PTTRNS are equal parts colors, shapes and instants. PTTRNS have the desire to make music a communal and fun experience. PTTRNS are bass and grooves and polyrhythms and repetitions.

In short it’s nothing to shy away from as their music will infect every possible cell in you. Shake it and leave you longing for much more. Much much mooooaaar. Think of a new Holy Ghost! type of band with something reminescent of some of the greatest R&B acts we’ve witness blossom lately…

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