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Kira Clark and Keith McGraw have been making music for a long time together. In fact, they formed a duo named Muscle and Marrow, releasing an album on Flenser Records and snuck in some international tour dates in the mix. Today they are back in a mutated form. First, they’ve changed the name of their project. They’re now known as So Sensitive and deliver quite the punch on this first release from their debut album titled ‘Bedroom Drama’ due for release on August 2nd via Soft Boy Songs. They’re from New York, in the United States.

So Sensitive‘s debut album ‘Bedroom Drama‘, due out August 2nd through Soft Boy Songs.

That change happened in 2016, right after the American Presidential election leaving Kira Clark reckless and angry. That same night, Muscle and Marrow were done, and So Sensitive was born. Their sound, as heard on “What’s A Girl To Do” the first single, packs quite the punch on the lyrical side of the song coupled with a slow-burn, almost to heavy-to-carry-its-own-weight beat and clever synths that free the track with a lighter feel. Not to mention the brilliance of the vocal delivery by Kira Clark here.

So Sensitive is a project that touches upon themes of sexual identity, obsession, and sacrifice, played out through the lens of emotional pop, which I think will really resonate on the album ‘Bedroom Drama”.

Listen to “What’s A Girl To Do” (below) or watch the video (above).

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