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We had previously featured Lost Beach in one of our Cloud Droppings with “Famous for Foolin” and dug the track so much we compared it to a classic Rolling Stone number. With Mick Jagger swagger and plenty of attitude. Their newest single “Classless Man” holds true to the metaphor. With great lyrical composition and a vocal delivery that will ring well in anyone’s ear. Lost Beach are clearly ticking all the boxes for quick rise and success.

You can feel the sun gently burning your skin as Lost Beach effortlessly make you want to be part of their pick-up trunk ride through Los Angeles with band members Jonny Perdue (vocals), Steve Stout (guitars), Davey Latter (drums), Zacc West (Bass) and Davey Allen (keys). With influences ranging from Otis Redding to Elliott Smith with an indie rock DIY approach to it all that gives substance and texture to the whole project. Listen to “Classless Man” just below and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comment section further down.

The classic cruising track to play as loud as you can possibly bear while driving along Hermosa Beach in a soft top 1976 Chevy Caprice is how I’d describe the track:

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