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Saint Lane is back with another strong second single titled “Sugary Sweet” from an upcoming collection of tracks he’ll be releasing later during the year. No word on when yet, however we have clues on the direction he’s heading: read here & here. But “Sugary Sweet” ticks all the boxes for “an I-don’t-need-no-misses r&b tune” as he likes to say. We left Saint Lane for a quick minute and he’s back at it with a brand new jam on the firing line. “Sugary Sweet” will no doubt satisfy our cravings, listen instead:

Sugary Sweet is about when my ex girlfriend cheated on me. At the time it was heartbreaking and I think when anybody gets cheated on the easiest thing to do is blame yourself and that’s exactly what I did. There’s so many “I don’t need no man” r&b tunes I realised there’s no equivalent for the fellas. This is taking the idea of “am I not good enough” and flipping it to “no I’m fine as hell. I’m sugary sweet and don’t need anybody”. It’s a song for people who have been taken advantage of and now they are saying no no no.


Watch “Compliment My Shirt” video:

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