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For a debut album (out June 7th), it’s a winner from the get go. Menik drops another single from his upcoming body of work that impressed us the minute we started playing “Authentic” featuring Vainsmith on the vocals.

“Authentic” surprised us with the intricate collage approach of field recordings, snippets and quotes from various milestone moments from Menik’s life so far. Some of them even over 28 years old. It’s relentless in the format and something to applaud here. With a clever rap laid upon the beat that drives and adds texture to the final product. It’s essentially an audio biography of Menik’s life experiences.

“Authentic is about knowing thyself on this journey. Understanding how intricate we are with this entire universe. We don’t have a lot of time on this Earth but we all have a gift of authenticity birthed in us. We’re all divine in our own way when we find those gems within ourselves.”


Menik‘s music isn’t defined by a specific genre. Instead, flowing effortlessly between them, sprinkling immersive pads, retro synths, tasty guitar licks and addictive beats that will cater to a growing fanbase and avid new music aficionados.

Story Time

Available on Spotify
from June 7th 2019

The artwork features nine visual representations of each track illustrated and collaged together by the Casper Franken and his team at Shotopop.

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