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After dazzling the blogosphere (including ourselves) with demo track “ZIP Code” a few weeks back. We couldn’t resist this new official debut single from the Sydney based rap artist that is about to embark on something very special by all credible accounts.

“Compliment shirt came around the time I was at university and was really struggling for money. After handing out my resumé to every place I could and not getting any job offers. I ended up getting involved in some pretty heavy and dangerous situations, but through it all I still remained true to myself, a nice guy, a good guy. Even if I was buying drugs from a dealer in a pink floral shirt and a jumpsuit.”

Saint Lane about the new track

Watch video:

Writing about “ZIP Code” earlier in the year, we found what we said still applies here for “Compliment My Shirt”. It’s fun, witty and very darn well produced for a first offering. We cannot wait to hear more from Saint Lane.

His influences range from Kanye West, Donald Glover, Basquiat and Christopher Nolan among others. He found solace from his less than ideal situation and poured his energy into art. A welcomed diversion from his day to day environment. Taking the best out of his contemporaries, Saint Lane builds his own augmented versions and crafts his own hybrid, original and creative signature…


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