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Released via parisian tastemakers and fashion house Kitsuné Musique. Great Mountain Fire‘s latest jam is a beauty in summery vibes and juicy sunkissed flavors. The band originates and formed in the creatively buzzing city of Brussels in Belgium. They have been around for a few years already and have a truck load of tracks you could enjoy. We went ahead and selected two here including their newest single “Look Up”. If that guitar doesn’t remind you of Nile Rodgers on several other collaboration such as “Get Lucky” with Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk, then I don’t know how to describe it to you. This is the quintessential summer jam. The kind you play and instantly light up a ballroom with, or a Beachside BBQ flame-up. As well as being a strong candidate for best beach soundtrack. Great Mountain Fire deliver quite the punch on the lyrical side. Providing well-penned lines that you can easily sing along to in the shower. Check it out for yourself:

Great Mountain Fire is here to stay if the back catalogue of track is any indication to the consistency of their output. Strong, quality production, catchy melodies and grabby hooks makes for an addictive repeat session of the track. Also don’t forget to check out “5-Step Fever” (below) for the similar kind of earworm we know you’ve been craving for so long.


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