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Living in Florida, I’ve never personally experienced these “season” things everybody always talks about; but, I’m told it’s now spring. For the millions of winter ballads and summer anthems out there, tunes with a distinct springtime vibe can seem a little bit underrepresented. Luckily, Preston Lovinggood nails the feeling of a cloudless, sunny day with a bite of cold still in the air on “Everything Will Be Okay”.

Watch “Everything Will Be Okay”:

There’s a timeless quality to pure, simple pop songwriting – that sort of comfortable feeling where every chord, melody, and lyric lands exactly where you subconsciously wanted it to. Flavored with a tender, vintage waviness “Everything Will Be Okay” sounds as though it could’ve been written in any decade, and comes across as charmingly heartfelt as it does reassuringly wholesome.

She took my hand in the park

We sat in the dark, and it made me uncomfortable

And so I quoted a phrase

A saxophone saying

That everything will be okay

Pick a worry, set it aside, and float through the next three minutes with a little help from Preston Lovinggood.

Forthcoming album Consequences, due out on May 17th via Last Gang Records.

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