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Here’s an angry rant against baseless street violence around the world and in particular between neighborhoods. New Zealand born (Auckland) Saint Lane bursts onto the scene with a very well produced track titled “ZIP Code”. The debut track to what we hope will be a prolific artist with many to things to say as a prime witness to the crazy things he saw whilst roaming the streets in Auckland and then the Gold Coast in Australia.

Saint Lane was born to Fijian and French parents, he was raised in and out of cheap motels and homelessness. Forging the character and resilience you can easily sense in his lyrics and vocal output on “ZIP Code”.

From the place where they shoot Neighbours
Don’t mean the show I mean real danger
Everybody looking like a cyclops
Thats cause eye for eye is just a blindspot

His influences range from Kanye West, Donald Glover, Basquiat and Christopher Nolan among others. He found solace from his less than ideal situation and poured his energy into art. A welcomed diversion from his day to day environment. Taking the best out of his contemporaries, Saint Lane builds his own augmented versions and crafts his own hybrid, original and creative signature here. “ZIP code” is so good, we had to tag it #BESTNEWMUSIC on sodwee.com.

Saint Lane explains a little more about his debut track:

“Zip Code is about senseless violence, people hate people simply because they’re from a particular area. People rep area codes and spread violence to others from different zip codes. This is happening in Auckland all the time. Somebody dies because of a route by the postal system, forgetting that we are all from the same city. It’s further than Auckland too. When I was 18 and living on the Gold Coast I saw a kid stab another kid on a bus because he was from Tweed Heads. We were in Palm Beach. Tweed is 10 minutes away. So if these two boys lived 10 minutes closer to each other they’d be homies? It’s so dumb. The song isn’t intended to glorify violence or crime and I’m definitely not saying Auckland has more violence than anywhere else in the world. I’m just sharing my own perspective on a situation I know many people are in.”

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