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From London, UK, we’d like to introduce you to Voyageur, a rather recent addition to the growing number of acts popping out of the crop of hundreds of new artists being served to us everyday. Every genre has a chance at our inbox. And we were invited to check out this British chap. So we did, as with every email we go through. And boy were we surprised at the outcome. Apparently a few other of our favorite blogs have already covered him, so there’s no obstacles in the path lying ahead of VOYAGEUR.

On the same wave-length as a previous band we featured here called SAFIA, Voyageur is a very clever mix of powerful voice and brilliant electronic production akin to Diplo’s signature sound that perfects two very promising tracks already published to his Soundcloud profile.

[title subtitle=”check out previous tracks by VOYAGEUR”]Voyageur : EP1[/title]


Voyageur is bound to rise. Through the roof in fact. Hit play enjoy the voice, and subsequent drop. That will, no doubt, blow your mind.

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