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EEEeeek what a weekend ! Didn’t achieve much over the past 48hrs. Nothing worth spilling out here that’s for sure ! Hope you’re all good, I’m recovering from a real nice weekend out in the greener pastures in a secret location around Paris… I was sold this getaway as a relaxing void in the middle of a super busy week with all that Jack White madness surrounding the release of his Lazaretto album and all the subsequent activities linked to such an event in Sodwee’s little existence. However, I was wisked away to greener pastures to celebrate the birthday of a long time friend so was real cool. Now I’m back, that’s all that matters.

Sundaze #98 is now available for download below, for stream/individual downloads a little further down the page… You will absolutely love the selection we have prepared for you today ! With no further a do. Here’s Sundaze #98 for your earholes :

Big Shout Out to Paul Grelet for keeping up with the amazing output. We appreciate his consistency, this goes without saying. Visit his portfolio right here to check out his work and enjoy your day, wherever you might be…

Sundaze #98

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