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Sorry for the slight delay, we were so hyped about the sunshine and heat finally hitting us that we were out most of this weekend, completely forgetting about our weekly Sundaze post. Many apologies if you turned up and found nothing. We’re back full on, full throttle. Thanks again to Paul Grelet for the amazing cover art… I let you judge for yourselves. This one is a little borderline but none the less very creative and there’s an humourous underlayer (think summer job for santa type of dude…). Don’t miss out on this one, it’s packed to the rafters with some truly amazing music… So go ahead and get your hands on the goodness ! It’s a free download when you like us on Facebook ! As always :

[title maintitle=”ART BY PAUL GRELET” subtitle=”visit www.paulgrelet.com for more”]

Sundaze #62

[title maintitle=”PLAY – LISTEN – STREAM” subtitle=”Download tracks individually here too (right-click + save target as…)”]

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