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From Montréal, Québec comes a somewhat underground artist named Robert Robert. We have been following his musings for a few years now. We first got wind of his music back in 2017 with his first EP “Welcome To Finetown” and decided then to include his title track as the closing track for Mixtape Forty Four (#44).

Robert Robert is back today with the release of a brand new single “Reste Avec Moi” from of his album ‘Hoodie Bleu Ultra‘ out via French electronic label Nowadays Records on July 3rd. A very prolific label based out of Paris that is also home to a plethora of talented French artists and producers such as FakearLa Fine Équipe and Jumo amongst others.

Robert Robert is a sound chameleon of sorts. Infusing different genres in this latest lush body of work. From the pop-leaning bursts he unleashed towards the start of his career, to the rave-esque club energy he manages to mix in his more recent work. Robert Robert packs a real punch in his forthcoming album “Hoodie Bleu Ultra”. He’s also coined the term ‘Suncore’ describing a unique genre of music he is the self-proclaimed precursor. A genre that fits as its name suggests between Hardcore and Sun. Go figure… One thing is for sure, he’s definetely well within the pop and electronic realm of sound.


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