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A dance party with a dash of melancholy. France’s own Rickstarworld has a knack for spinning up tight-pocketed, well-textured grooves that lull you and move you at the same time, with “Jumbo cries” being no exception. Simple enough in structure but deceivingly complex in emotion, this is one that demands to be put on repeat.

“Jumbo cries” revolves around one central question: would you pick up if I called you? There’s a vulnerability here, well-mixed with an easygoing sense of caution to the wind. With the vocals and production alike, less truly is more, thanks to Rickstarworld‘s exquisite ability to use every element to it’s maximum potential. The resulting sound is gorgeously clean and lush, laced with subtle sonic treats like the saxophone lines you might miss if you’re not listening closely enough.

I don’t wanna tell you too much
Would you pick up if I called you?

This is mood music for any mood, meaning there’s no excuse not to get this one spinning. Zone out, hone in, and enjoy the sly musical stylings of Rickstarworld.

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