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Do you find yourself jaded by music that recycles the same handful of sounds and vibes? Will one more R&B track whose appeal starts and ends with its “smoothness” send you over the edge? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’re either a music blogger or just somebody whose mental health will benefit greatly thanks to the latest offering from England’s Beau Diako. “Animal” is refreshingly difficult to pin down – an exotic blend of pop, R&B, and electronic that fuses ingenious instrumentation with fearlessly silky vocals. 

I love the idea of any song that was born out of a “new love for the nylon string guitar”, such as Beau describes here. For lack of a better term, the production on “Animal” is just dripping with pure, uncut musicianship. It’s jazzy and complex, a little left-field but entirely natural, happy to hit you with some unexpected flair  and give you what feels right in equal doses.  Pair that with the constantly intriguing melodies and lyrics being laid down by collaborator COCO, and you’ve got a track that’s the perfect remedy for even the worst case of music fatigue. 

Drinking with you
I go to a primal state of mind
And I say what I feel
And you want the truth

Finding something different is always exciting; but finding something different that delivers all of the satisfaction of something familiar is even better. “Animal” comes through on every level – so why not give it a spin?


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