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WWWater “humbling power, sacred shower”: that is how Charlotte Adigéry describes her latest project in her Twitter description box. Pretty spot on we think. Based out of Ghent in Belgium and paired with the know-how and wittiest blogging royalty/visionaire Jarri from Disco Naïveté . WWWater, today drops another great track called “Pink Letters” about conquering a tough break-up with the cheer and good natured Pink of a marker Charlotte used to pen the song in her notebook (See the cover art below) two years ago.

[separator type=”thin”] [separator type=”thin”] The track and creative push was definitely very DIY in the production. The video illustrating the track was directed by Charlotte herself and edited by her boyfriend. The idea comes from that same place where the song comes from – small, insignificant moments filmed on a phone as a testament to the past good times – moments that we tend to forget as the darker, somber ones take over. Sad chapters in life we long to forget and get over with. The video is in essence, a closure. Moving forward to other insignificant brighter moments in ones life.

WWWater (aka Charlotte Adigéry) is planning to release an EP in September and also start touring with a few dates already booked and more to be announced over the coming weeks.

The song itself is stellar in its minimalism. A smooth voice. A metronome like percussive beat in the background akin to a Japanese bamboo fountain giving the tempo to the story – thinking of the killing of Oren-Ishii scene in the back-garden of the restaurant in the Tarantino film Kill Bill. Letting Charlotte’s brilliance come through lyrically and vocally of course. Listen instead and do follow her updates online as she breaks through this summer:

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