Cloud Droppings – #June signals the end of May

We love true music gems. And as a special treat because you came all the way here to listen to some real kick ass music, here’s Steve Monite’s true 1984 hit Afro-Disco single “Only You”… Steve Monite is from Nigeria it seems.  Tell me you love this:


The 5 tracks we just couldn't leave behind

Haiku Hands is a crew of Australian artists anchored around the duo of Claire Nakawaza and RBMA alumni Beatrice Lewis. “Not About You” serves as a bold introduction to the music of Haiku Hands. The rave-inspired, technicolor track combines a keen sensibility for the dancefloor with cheeky songwriting and riot grrrl energy. Excited to hear what else they’ve got in store.

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London duo Otzeki have released ‘True Love’, via AWAL on June 9th. Described by the duo as “a dark-hued hymn of love and euphoria”, Otzeki have created a stirring but intimate electronic atmosphere with brooding, body-moving synths and vocals that enthrall and enrapture. “We’re back to haunt you forever” sings vocalist Mike.

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Goon Soul is a Brooklyn Based alt-soul vocalist, specializing in songwriting, performance, and video production. An adoptee hailing from Ann Arbor, his Midwestern roots in spoken word poetry, as well as his studies in sociology and literature, laid a foundation for his current work in music. His work toys with themes of existential angst, heartache, and self love. He cites his musical influences as Otis Redding, Chet Baker, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, and Anohni to scratch the surface. Look out for more Goon Soul releases this spring, as well as his newest record this summer.

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Noah Slee‘s 3rd single taken from his hotly anticipated forthcoming album ‘Otherland’. Sensual and slow winding love song ‘Lips’ explores Noah’s ability to write, sing and perform with slick artistic flair. We had already covered Noah Slee in the past…twice. You’ll get a better in-depth account here too.

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Another French producer is on the rise lately. Nuit Oceān lives in Bordeaux and brings his newest single “Stranger” to the masses with some laidback soundscapes that captures a dreamy, poetic, almost melancholic atmosphere into his vocals and instrumental productions. All you need now is a nightcap of some dry whisky and getting into your bed. Blinds down of course.

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