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The underlying message of Noah Slees “Rampant Wild Free”  is as beautifully simple and sweet as the words he croons on the song’s chorus… “I want you”. This is a love story, one that is as innocent and uncomplicated as they come, and one that is only elevated by this striking new visual . Noah Slee is no stranger to the soulful, syrupy vibes emanating from “Rampant Wild Free”, a standout track from his debut EP ‘to your inner hippie & cos you fly as fuck’, and yet, there’s some strange magic about this track and video in particular that makes for a truly breakout performance from the New Zealand born, Berlin-based singer.

Shot in Berlin, the video is a piece of film raw enough to remind you of the last drunken, spontaneous night you spent trying to fall in love, that also remains polished enough to boast some of the more stunning photography in recent memory. Through all kinds of beautiful coloration and composition, we’re not just being shown a feeling, we’re being told a story – beginning with boy and girl walking separate and alone in hues of blue as the night begins, and ending with boy and girl staring into each other’s eyes in the soft pink glow of the sunrise. From the creative direction and videography of Tala_Who? and Sam Templeton, to the endearing performances from Elijah Hook and Fily Mihan, this visual for “Rampant Wild Free” is a great piece of art, through and through.

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