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Michael is our new team member this week, from Kansas City in the United States, armed with an acute sense for good hip hop and all things revolving around rap and urban culture in general. He will be reviewing, introducing, and discovering new promising talents and MCs from around the world for us to listen to. Read on his first find below and let him know what you think in the comment section at the bottom of this page... Best, Ben.

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When listening to a new hip hop track for the first time, it is always exciting to hear which element of the song and its creator sticks out the most to one’s complex brain/eardrum alliance. Some emcees bring little more than a mere moment or two of truly substantial lyrical content or a few late night one-liners. In the same way, many hip hop songs don’t bring much more than a catchy (but not necessarily quality) beat. There are also many artists who bring several elements to the table but are still severely lacking in a variety of areas. Sometimes, however, on those perfect days of listening, you discover a new track and artist that have the complete package. “Last Moments” is one of those tracks and Complex Theory is one of those artists.

As Complex Theory describes it, “My inspiration for this song is just a thought experiment on different scenarios that are intense and could possibly be your last.” On the track, Complex Theory describes what one might do in one of these end scenarios, suggesting one might be extremely reflective and thoughtful, but also says in the song that, “it’s kinda funny how different people react whenever shit gets critical.” He further asks whether the listener would remain calm or completely lose his/her cool in such a scenario.

That being said, “Last Moment” is clearly on a level of insight and depth that should draw some attention to what he has to say. The way Theory delivers these messages and questions, however, truly peaks the ear. Theory’s rhyme scheme stays in-tact throughout the track, not shying away from going far beyond end rhymes. Additionally, he is extremely well spoken, having a well-built vocabulary and a knack for words. Most notably, however, is Complex Theory’s top notch flow. Moving from word to word as if he’s floating or just gently gliding at a perfect speed and rhythm, Theory goes from bar to bar with no trouble whatsoever.

The beat on “Last Moments,” courtesy of producer Shintendo 64, hits hard but light, acting as a perfect backdrop for Theory’s rhymes. With well-placed sampling and a refurbished-classic feel, the drum patterns on this track are relaxing yet attention grabbing.

Complex Theory has a good deal to say, something that is especially clear if you listen to his last album “Perspectives.” If you need something fresh for your listening, Theory will be dropping a brand new album in January. For now, take a few moments to reflect on “Last Moments,” it’s relevant to all of us.


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Last modified: August 25, 2018

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