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Like every end of year, listicles start to pop-up and spread like wildfire. We’re not fan of them at all. However we like to look forward to emerging talent and seeing how they embrace their respective careers over time. Here are ten newcomers to the music circus. 10 brilliant talent we’ve been able to see live already and think you really should be following too. Make sure you follow their online socials and check their touring schedule to grab tickets to their show. You won’t be disappointed !

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Yellow Days

[/column] [column]Plenty of guitars to go by, a surf-rock swagger and the musical background of this generation “Y” in tow and fully assimilated, Yellow Days powers through vocally on “My Own Way” and showcases some real potential at such a young age. We also checked with him where he’d sourced his influences, and says he’s heavily influenced by acts like Howlin’ Wolf, Ray Charles, Mac Demarco and Tame Impala to name just a few. Listen to our favorite cut from the upcoming Golden Boy EP George aka Yellow Days is set to release some time within the first half of the year.

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[/column] [column]After storming our love-lifes and late night shenanigans with his first two tracks “Again” and follow up “Wanting You”. PLAZA, a lone R&B singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada has somewhat decided to unveil a little more about himself, and his art. PLAZA has the same sort of resonance as The Weekend got when he first started to put EPs out willy-nilly (I just love that expression, sorry)… and adding fuel to the fire with lush composition, brilliant vocals and a veil of obscurity surrounding the persona that only builds more tension to the final release of some identity…

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Jorja Smith

[/column] [column]It’s only been a hot minute since Jorja Smith has graced the music industry with a true lesson in how to choose a single, and deliver on it : namely with that belter “Blue Lights” (listen further down). Today however, and after clocking a sizeable amount of plays both on Soundcloud and with the subsequent video. Jorja Smith holds on to us by the guts with a brand new track featuring Maverick Sabre.

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[/column] [column]Ella Thompson and Graeme Pogson make up the delightful duo GL, hailing from sunny Melbourne in Australia, the pair have been around for quite some time now, locally giggin’ profusely and coming up with some rather discolicious, funkadelic lines and the whole peppered with a soul undercoat that would get you dancing on your two legs soon enough. As they put it so well themselves, and describe their sound as “cosmic dream-sequence not unlike the reel from the mid-80s,” our first reaction, half-way throught he first few chords was “jeeez that sounds like an enhanced, young and fresh Madonnesque track.” And that sentiment carried on, lingering in the back of our minds ever since. A few tracks into their already impressive discography, that impression still fits.

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[/column] [column]Bryde is a girl & an electric guitar singing fierce and fragile songs. Influenced by the likes of Scout Nibblet, PJ Harvey, Ben Howard and Sharon Van Etten, Bryde is originally from West Wales that has now relocated to London. Described as being about entangling and unravelling, it sways from tender and delicate, to tough and unforgiving… Bryde’s music is timeless for that reason. And you should really stop anything you’re currently doing to really fully immerse yourself in the experience. Seen the gal live, she rocks.

Follow BRYDE on : Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram[/column] [/columns_row]

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[/column] [column]Fredwave hails from Wood Green, North London, where he started as a grime MC through his early years as a teen then moved onto singing, songwriting and producing his own blend of quality R&B inspired by the local underground electronic scene as well as the grime trend he once was a part of. Much of his music is pretty obscure much like Sampha‘s or Kwes‘, relating to moments of his young life in London. The ups and the downs of growing up in a busy city.

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Nilüfer Yanya

[/column] [column]Nilüfer Yanya draws her inspiration from songwriters such as Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley as well as a more modern influences like Connan Mockasin and Rosie Lowe to name a few. Nilüfer Yanya sounds blends an urban edge, with gazingly soft, guitar lines, great melodies that ring very soulful and jazzy, and finishes off by layering the ethereal background beat on top of it all for maximum wow factor and results.

Follow Nilüfer Yanya on : Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram[/column] [/columns_row]

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[/column] [column]WEIRDO has been around for some time. We traced his identity since the first track he posted (“Butter”). However we kept it under wraps as requested by the man himself. Until today that is. Premiering his brand new killer track “Sapphire” on WMagazine as well as revealing himself to the public. This young man originally from the UK has recently moved to Berlin to get away from it all and pursue music.
WEIRDO was born then. First with the track “Butter“, then came “Armanio” and more recently the kick-arse “Attitude“. A string of complementary tracks that forge a character, temperament.“Sapphire” is one hell of a good track. It’s about a friend or lover, that turns out to be not as good of gem (Sapphire, here obviously). It’s a dark pop tune like no other out there at the moment. Something to sing along to while you pour tears over someone and ‘feeling blue’ (see the connotation here, clever huh) and has Wmagazine suggests, it is Josh’s favorite color. Anyway, listen below, enjoy, self-harm and come back to me with your reactions.

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The Japanese House

[/column] [column]The Japanese House release her third taste of the widely acclaimed debut EP “Pools To Bathe In”, it’s named “Teeth”. The track comes after two other defiantly good shots at beautifully melancholic soundscapes.  The up and coming talent is only 19 years of age too. Giving just an idea of how things have turned these days. Talented spawns jumping into the great pond is less of a rare occurrence these days it seems. It’s certainly the case with The Japanese House.

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[/column] [column]There’s something very appealing with the release of Les Bateaux EP. Something as hard to describe as brazilian ‘Saudades’, something in the four track EP Les bateaux by PÉPITE released today (October 7th via microqlima) that brings sweet melancholia all the way from the bottom of ones heart and re-surfaces these feelings like a Wes Anderson movie only can achieve. The sort of feelings you get when you fall for someone. Butterflies from a past summer holiday love that magically make their way back into an instant memory throwback full of cotton clouds skies, dreamy sunsets and your summer love at your side.

It’s very much the Frenchiest pop you’ve heard this year. A coastal journey through some real fine songwriting, some tasty arrangements and atypical, child-like vocals. It’s a brilliantly lighthearted body of work by Thomas and Edy considering the topics. One half of them having previously formed the band Sauvage (of which we already covered in 2013) and only recently went all in with this new endeavor. And blimey, what a result !

Follow PÉPITE on : Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram[/column] [/columns_row]

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