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It’s late in Sunday here on the western coast of France, I’m finally horizontal after spending most of the day outside shifting rock from a crumbling wall to another pile. Getting some order in the back garden of theirs with high hopes of keeping it that way. Anyway, that’s precisely when I remembered to check Tender‘s online profile before I got to bed. To have an early listen at their latest track “Lost”.

The British duo have shown how great they have become in only a handful of tracks, since their debut offering “Armour” (listen further down) to the true career defining “Belong” via “Afternoon” and todays latest alternative-indie-electronic hit “Lost”, the basement-dwelling duo made up of Dan and James (from North London, in the UK) have got their foot well-stuck into our realm. For the better.

We’ve been day-one converts and been covering their timely hits for few months now. And we can’t be more excited about them dropping their upcoming new EP II when it drops February 12. You can please your dad and pre-order it on iTunes now. So you get it first hand.


Expect a super steep rise for Tender, with summer festivals line-ups being revealed and all. These two remain rather under the radar at this stage, albeit, not for very long. We have ‘high hopes’ for them as their bells will be ringing sooner rather than later as they approach the edge of glory …

Listen to a selection of their recent track below and our favorite so far :

[infobox maintitle=”FUTURE SOUND #2016″ subtitle=”Tender was part of our Artists to watch in our Future Sound 2016 selection – Check it out now click here” bg=”orange” color=”black” opacity=”off” space=”50″ link=”https://sodwee.com/blog/2015/12/future-sound-2016-25-artists-to-watch/”]

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