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Nothing but good vibes here from London newcomer Leo Law. ‘Lifelines’ is a bombastic pop/r&b outing with crashing drums, airy guitars and choral harmonies. The track opens with percussive keys, dropping into an ambient verse – leaving ample space for Leo’s melody. Then you’re hit with some lovely vocal inflections at 1:23 and once the chorus kicks in the whole thing opens up, carried on the movement of the pulsing bass.

According to Leo, “Lifelines is basically about missed opportunities and the frustration of hindsight – the struggle between regret and the closure that should come with resigning to the idea that you can’t change or effect what’s already happened.” You can really feel the emotional weight of the singer’s delivery – it connects with the listener. This in part, is due to the restraint and dynamic interest present in the instrumental that frames Leo’s voice.


The buttons on this one were pushed by by British producer Lewis Fromberg, AKA Balou Music, who noted: “‘When I first started working on the track it was just piano and vocals, as a producer it was my job to really get the emotions of the lyrics across within the track surrounding them. This was the first time Laurence and myself worked together, so as time passed and I became closer to him I got more of an understanding for the emotions of the lyrics and the importance of the song to him.”

This track seems like a real labour of love, hopefully you’ll get as much from it as I did. Leo is definitely one to watch out for this year, and if his future output is on the same level as ‘Lifelines’ I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about him.

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