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Hey there, this is a brand new series in which Teddy Au Top will be compiling a selection of tracks in reaction to a global-local event, media story or simply a moment deemed important. As an intro, here is a little bio of our new in-house playlist curator : Teddy Au Top / Conor Fitzpatrick. 25yrs. Copenhagen-based Northern Irish electro musician. Found himself in Paris, on a 5yr long feast, which, indeed, turned out to be moveable.

‘Hallo. Hier spricht John Doe.’ Alright, in fact, it’s Teddy Au Top and I don’t have any data to hand over. I have my first playlist X Sodwee, that you can listen to while trawling through coverage of the #PanamaPapers, though. Here’s a rundown of what’s on it…

[separator type=”thick”] [dropcap letter=”1.”] The artist name and title of the first track couldn’t be more fitting here. He’s from Budapest, and not from in-between the Irish sea.

[dropcap letter=”2.”] I love Nicolas Jaar. This remix is what you’d probably like to listen to on the top floor of the Puerta América, of a June evening, or any floor, because all that tax-free dinero you’ve got in a big dollar bag in the Caribbean would easily pay for the whole thing, for more than one evening. The gravy train home runs the risk of derailing though.

[dropcap letter=”3.”] Siggy has thrown in the towel… but possibly just to have a short lie-down on Vík í Mýrdal beach. Who knows? Not his PR crew. His compatriot Björk sings of a mushroom on a tree trunk in this song…

[dropcap letter=”4.”] The KAKKMADDAFAKKA gutter (NO for boyz) put on this King Skurk One one a few weeks ago in Bergen, while we were having some expensive beers. The title means ‘conniption money’… let’s take the word as referring to a fit of anger, to suit the context.

[dropcap letter=”5.”] Think of all the champagne you could buy with your tax-free dough, chilling on a deck chair in the Caribbean. You could also have lots of french fries to go with it.

[dropcap letter=”6.”] The Panamanian jungle took a year to navigate through, but now the wood has been sliced and made into paper, printed with the names of the shamed, and published all over.

[dropcap letter=”7.”] Rather than dark, the paper trails of the fat cats actually lead to some rather sunny sides of the globe: the Caribbean, Monaco… Thumbs up to Nicolas Jaar once again.

[separator type=”thick”]

Happy listening and keep your money on-shore.

Teddy Au Top

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