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A big thank you to Michela Cuccagna for providing pictures. And Sophie for Interviewing Mura Masa...

DAY TWO HIGHLIGHT : Savages & Fatima Yamaha brought the sun back where it was due.

Many of us were left to decide whether it was a good idea, or not, to attend the second day of the We Love Green Festival in Bois de Vincennes on the second day. After weighing the pros, and the cons. We finally made a conscious decision to cover the entire event. Lost a pair of adidas originals in the process but I’m passion driven, and music is my passion. So nothing in the world would have stopped me seeing the bands I had been eagerly waiting to see on that Sunday, day two of the festival. Recounting the event, almost a week and a half later, I can say I was pleasantly surprised with how the debacle of the first day turned out pretty well for the following day.

Sunday was seamingly better organised, with smiles and care given to every festival goers, no matter how much they pay for their drinks, food or festival entry, they got a better service today. Music/show wise we were lucky today, got to see Fatima Yamaha play his DJ set to a loving crowd on the Clairière Stage and an unexpected guest turned up to the party too : the sun.

A warm breeze started to travel across the festival site, giving much needed Vitamin D to the people here at around 5pm on that Sunday afternoon. Had to leave Fatima Yamaha mid-set to check out on the Savages back the main stage and wasn’t disappointed either to see the massive crowd cheering and getting acquainted with the girls that dropped a fiery album last january to critical acclaim : Adore Life.

Adoring Life, Jehnny Beth, was embracing it ! Crowd  surfing and getting up close and intimate with the Parisians this afternoon. She was a true entertainer. Manages to galvanise and bring up the spirits amidst the remaining rain puddles and mud of the previous week.

PJ Harvey, James Blake and Kelela (who we checked out a small portion of her set) were absolutely amazing live. We won’t go into details as we already saw them live, and weren’t on our priority list. Also because the walking between set got the better of our usually athletic posture today. We kept running that whole afternoon between the stages and felt like an emotion-less commuting idiot after the previous nights shenanigans and today’s warm sunshine… We passed on Diplo, Lido, the Lalaland stage except for Dave Harrington Band, which was way too far to even fathom. Anyway overall impression was great with the heat coming back to warm our hurting souls from the previous day. Our musical tastebuds were satisfied. However my sneakers didn’t appreciate the whole weekend that much.

Time for some well earned sleep.


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