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From Noisy-le-Sec on the outskirts of Paris, Hermes Baby is a true DIY lo-fi project by two suburban dwellers made on cheap instruments, an old macintosh and a camera. that’s what their short description on social media states. The pair of twenty-somethings would spend a lot of time in their parents cellar/basement, carving sounds with the little equipment they’d managed to scour from friends.

Their sound is also unique, because of where they come from primarily, Noisy-le-sec is a suburban town that is somewhat left out from the ‘in’ Parisian scene as the duo described to Clique.tv so cleverly… “They don’t go out every evening, they are left to find creative ways to escape an otherwise bland daily routine”. Instead, they meet up, make music, stunning videos (see below) and end up trumping the rest of their fellow frenchies by churning out super tunes at a steady pace.

Hermes Baby have got a signature sound. Discover it below… We especially love “La Chute (Zizou 2006)” depicting the fall of a French football icon Zinedine Zidane… It threw us back, wayyyy back and made us have chills of what used to be a better country.


Hermes Baby is the name of an old 80’s typewriter they first came across in a friend’s attic. They immediately adopted the name for their musical project. Songwriting and rhythm takes on contemporaries such as Taxi Girl. It’s dark-pop at its best, sharp lyrics, ethereal guitars and killer electronic beats make them the rising band in the region. Note, that they also sing in English, opening the borders for them.

Band members include Léo & Tarik… With additional friends in a live setting. Both of them have a range of influences, but say La Femme, Arctic Monkeys and Phoenix for the attitude. And Booba and PNL for the lyrics are the main inspo for both of them. And you can definitely hear that on “J’attends La Chance”, view the beautiful video below (shot on iPhone none-the-less, Apple Inc. yep you heard me aight) :

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