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From the outskirts of the Parisian capital (Meudon to be absolutely precise) comes a delightful trio named Keep Dancing Inc. with plenty of potential to spare for a great export band like France hasn’t had in a few years. Charles, Louis and Joseph churn out some real tasty tunes. These twenty-somethings have the knack, DIY approach and fresh splash you’d expect from such a young age. They met at a Palma Violets concert and brilliantly decided to make music together based on the common influences they had and adored : The Smiths, New Order, Blood Orange and The Drums are a few…

From punk, to synth-pop via some crafty cold wave and surf-rock fusion, the band manages to bring a fresh take on sometimes overlooked essential aspects of a good track. Is it danceable? Is the audience responding when they play them live? Does the fun of playing live trickle down to the audience ? Tick YES to all of those. Keep Dancing Inc. is here to stay and will deliver cracking ‘cold zouk’ tunes (yup, they penned this genre to suit the need for a new sound definition) for summer and beyond.

The band had also quite a following of fan-friends, and you’ll be amazed at their live set and how they manage to communicate/share the passion of their music down to the crowd. Really impressive and nothing like we’ve seen in recent months with live shows.

Keep Dancing Inc. have also been touring extensively over the past few months, slotted and dotted all over France in medium sized festivals, venues and other events. Note that this will only last for a few weeks has the boys have now got their own booking agent, and the blessing of no other than Etienne Daho to help with things moving forward.

Check out “Life Goes On” below -which illustrates in our humble opinion- the great energy and brewing storm about to be unleashed in future tracks and EPs. Also check out the previous shared tracks to get the full scope of their discography :


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