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Here at Sodwee, we find ourselves constantly struggling to keep up with the outpour of new music coming to us from Lithuania. Well, ok, maybe “struggling” is the wrong word, and perhaps “outpour” is a bit extreme when describing the odd song coming to us here and there from that very specific, post-soviet corner of the world. However, junior a is speaking loudly enough for his entire country today with the new track “sleep machine”, a consistently driving, vaguely haunting, and always catchy indie electro tune packed full of unapologetic synthesizers and emotional, reverb laden vocals.

The lyric video we get to accompany this tune- a collection of candid VHS recordings laid atop a gorgeous swath of pink and blue clouds- should quickly alleviate any doubts you may have that junior a understands the importance of aesthetic, and understands it well. Between the visuals, the propulsive rhythms, and the deceivingly dark lyrics, “sleep machine” is a holistic bit of modern art that does nothing if not create a mood and evoke a feeling. From the first croaking vocal to the last wailing synth lead, this track is a funky, bright, and yet somehow brooding taste of the “very interesting story” junior a says he is setting out to tell with his work.

With his debut mixtape, Born Busy, on the way, I have little doubt that this Baltic up and comer will be keeping himself occupied, hopefully bringing us more and more of the vibes he’s delivered here. But until then, go ahead, put your head in the clouds where it belongs, and drift away with “sleep machine”.

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