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Opening the way to their much anticipated debut album due out on the 5th of February on Cracki Records. Also home to some forward thinking and champions such as the likes of Apes & Horses, Los Porcos and many more acts… the Parisian band Caandides just dropped an appealing nugget for us to enjoy before the album drops. It’s named “Zero” and will give you a great insight of the direction the debut LP 20° 30′ S 29° 20′ W is heading sonically (coordinates for a very small island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil named Trindade Island). And we love the track ! Great choice of a single in our humble opinion of course, that’s also why we had Caandides in our most popular post thus far, this year : Future Sounds #2016 – The ones to watch this year !

We’ve had early access to the full album and believe me it’s packed with 12 great tracks full of synth-rhythms-percussions layers reminiscent of what Animal Collective would come up with… Enjoy and brace yourselves.

Caandides takes a real pride in non-conformism to the norm in our music scene here in France. Its moving structure where musicians and graphic artists collaborate, on a perpetual need for new creative alleys, moving in a constraint space where actors, and factors are often miles away from a common, clear goal. Caandides have recently signed to Cracki Records and are about to drop their debut album in early 2016 (more like February…)

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