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Baby Missiles is a three-piece band that has been around for some time already. But we only just crossed their path with their newest number. A brilliant duet with Tuva Lodmark from a band they’ve toured named Pale Honey (read interview by Connor here). The band originates from Gothenburg, in Sweden. Also dubbed as the country’s music capital. They deliver high-octane indie-pop tracks and a licked production value. Baby Missiles have also got quite the mileage under their live belt and have supported bands like Widowspeak, Wild Nothing and Andy Shauf among others.

Compared to The War On Drugs for their work on latest single “I Can’t Win”, Baby Missiles show a raw side to their music. Classically written with Tuva’s vocal duet brought in half-way through the track adds that edge the track was missing up until that point. Coming full circle and out on top of the pile for us. Tale a listen above and keep a close eye on this feverishly good band from Sweden.

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