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We already covered Ess Bogale writing skills as she released the track “Balance” with her bandmates and under the moniker Lalibelle. Today she is back in a compelling stripped down album, with heartfelt and truly amazing poetry written over a minimalistic piano.

“Writing is my tool for navigating my life. In music I have to choose my words well, it makes me reflect”

Bogale began writing at age 10 and then followed by music and with her piano teacher with whom she mastered the in and outs by concentrating on free improvisation. From that point on, and encouraged by her brother to write more, Ess Bogale couldn’t stop.

Dabbling into lush, complex production and eventually ditched that angle all together to focus on the vocals, lyrics and a minimalistic piano instrumental to accompany her. It’s a bare bones approach to her music and a bold statement at that. Not hiding behind any effects, or filters. Leaving no margin for error.

Ess Bogale delivers poignant storytelling, metaphors and questions life’s meanings with her debut album “Jonik & Yassy” recorded over one night last October 2018. Listen to “Time” below, our favorite from the collection of songs she released today.

[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”JONIK & YASSY album”]

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