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James Alexander Bright delivers a brand new single in the name of Tigers Roar”. A sunny take on psychedelia dabbed in electronic soul and melodic pop. Coming to you from his home studio in rural Hampshire. James Alexander Bright fuses a multitude of genres into his new single that results in a primal approach to emotions, rooted in a simple way of living life.

“Tigers Roar” is the first single to drop from a series taken from his upcoming album currently being recorded. The rural environment and the clear skies above clearly inspiring James’ creativity and at times even making the cut into the tracks such as birds chirping in the background or the soothing sound of the nearby river flowing can be heard.

Topped with the brilliant musicianship of his mates joining in for more traditional contributions like Leo Wyatt and Ben Rowley on bass and Charlie Carroll on saxophone. Check out James Alexander Bright’s new single “Tigers Roar” below and listen to more in the PASSPORT section further down. Don’t forget to follow his socials all linked below too.

James Alexander spills more about his creative process:

“My life seems to revolve around the moon these days, I spend a lot of time in the dark hours so invariably I’m inspired by the things that people and creatures do in the dark. My creative process is always more charged at the end of the day. I sit down in the evening with just my laptop, MPC, guitar, headphones, tape deck and a notepad, and make music when inspiration comes.”


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