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What pops out on “ESP” is the clear freedom and urge Walking Bicycles find in commenting on the dark-er times we find ourselves in. Whether it be social norms, political trainwrecks or just the senseless ideas we, as the people, have to live with on a daily occurence, “ESP” is nothing more than the greatest F*** YOU you’ll hear this week. Done so, might I add, with absolutely zero F***s given.

“ESP” is a great magic moment, both liberating and a definite feel-good snippet in time, off the band’s upcoming fifth album “Chooch” due out on April 26th via the band’s own Highwheel Records.

For fans of (#FFO) artists like Siouxsie, Sonic Youth and a hint of The Chocolate Watchband psychedelic brilliance.

I enjoyed the menacing guitar work on offer and the dark rolling drum line that pictures the emergency and desperation of today’s world brilliantly. Add to that, the witty, fierce and sharp vocal delivery by Jocelyn Summers and you’ve got yourself a real DIY hit on your hands. The result of a clear direction, fifteen years in the making. Culminating here into this new body of doom pop/punk that is their new single “ESP”.


Out April 26th 2019

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