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Waives is a producer, singer-songwriter that decided to create music for enjoyment first and foremost. Leaving behind the restrictions of a corporate label environment and solely focusing on the intricate music-making that drives him. Collaborating with like-minded and interesting people from his circles, Waives just dropped the track “Threads” a few days ago featuring the beautiful duet with Iiola and Butterjack. The latter being a new label mate recently signed to LME Worldwide.

Based out of Kent, within spitting distance of the coastline and settled in an old trailer turned studio, Waives, Iiola and Butterjack went on to create freely. And you can hear the result in the first offering “Threads” (Above. Only through Spotify I’m afraid. Tried to locate a free option for you folks, but couldn’t get my hands on one).

Waives explains a little more on the track:

This song highlights the chaos that happens when we don’t communicate with the person we’re in love with. Basically a note to myself to not get sucked in to the drama that manifests around me and just be. Before you know it you end up in a headlock with other people’s insecurities so now I just go to the roots if there’s a problem and hopefully I’m a better person to go out with these days. Making tunes like this has made me fall in love with music all over again.

Iiola, one of the featured vocalist, also has her say:

I bumped into Waives randomly at the Frida Khalo exhibition – I heard them listening to ‘don’t shut me up’ through their headphones which was pretty cool so I introduced myself and the next week we were making tunes in their studio which turned out to be this quirky converted trailer. They played me a half written song which I loved so I suggested we try it as a duet which was when we got writing the rest of it together. Fell in love with the vibe and it felt like it was a good match for my current iiola material. I honestly wasn’t going do any iiola features but this one just got me.

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