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Jonas Rathsman will be opening the night at The Villette Enchantee on the September 15th… Known for his work with prestigious label French Express, Jonas has a magic finger when it comes to mixing… With great work tracks such as “Tobago” and “Feeling You” to name a few, mixing tropical melodies with some spiced up beats, the deck master will surely get you dancing.

Following Rathsman, Les Loups, hailing all the way from Hanover in Germany, will deliver their sun filled music (remember “Side To Side” !). This trio will be playing for the first time in France. And it promises to be some funky dope.

Also on the bill that night will be Knight OneLe Crayon and Himan…

Viens goûter!, It’s at La Villette Enchantée in Paris on the 15th September from midnight…

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